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Being a part of the Murphy's Law Rescue family is like a great contribution to the life and welfare of the innocent lives in our care.  While fostering is a great resource and contribution to any rescue - there are many more avenues to give your time and attention.  Here are a few examples of the contribution you can make to Murphy's Law and the innocent lives in our care.


We help animals all across the United States.  Transportation is sometimes the only thing that stops us in our tracks when we are looking to reach out to another little life in need.  We are located in the Southeastern corner of Arizona.  We often get pleas for help from all corners of the state and transportation is always the greatest concern.  Volunteers for us can dictate what routes, days, and hours they would be available to help us.  Murphy's Law Rescue requires that you have a valid driver's license and personal car insurance.  We do not have the ability to reimburse travel expenses or time - this is solely a voluntary donation of time and travel costs.

Adoption Events

Who wouldn't want to sit around and play with animals!  We always welcome the company when we take our adoptable pets to an event.  These events can take place indoors or at a park and the biggest contribution made is interacting with the animals as well as taking pups on needed potty breaks.  Socializing with the public while enjoying the companionship of the rest of the Murphy's Law Rescue family and babies in our care is a great way to spend a few hours out of your day!  At these events, you will be representing our organization and the animals come first and foremost.  Murphy's Law Rescue requires that you are polite and respectful with the public and other members of the organization and that you take care to have acceptable personal hygiene.  


Permanent Adoption Locations

This would encompass caring for the animals in permanent adoption locations, such as a set up in a local shop or storefront.  All supplies are provided by Murphy's Law Rescue - you would only be taking on the duties of going to the location(s) and tidying up the area and ensuring that our pets at that location are being properly cared for and attended to.

Social Media Upkeep

Helping us post and monitor our social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram and other venues helps get the attention the adoptable animals need.  This can take on many facets - such as working along with our fosters or other members of the organization to collect photos, videos, and bios to share with the public to help advertise the one looking for a home as well as promoting the rescue to help us collect donations, intake or adopt out babies or grow through word of mouth.

If anything you see above sounds like something you are willing or able to join us in or if you have any other ideas or talents that you can bring to the Murphy's Law family please complete the application in the link!  We look forward to adding you to our wonderful little family.

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